Fine Art Tapestries Decorative Caribbean Comfort Hanging Wall Tapestry 53″”W x 40″”H


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Product Description

The farmlands of Quebec and Ontario serve as the main inspiration for artist Bill Saunders. He uses acrylics and a realistic approach to bring his visions of the natural beauty of his surrounding to the canvas. Our artisans take his art, and use our looms to translate his canvas into a richly woven wall tapestry. An inviting veranda, overlooking the lush landscape and calm water, brings a quiet serenity to your living space. This Wall Tapestry is landscape in shape and is 53 inches wide by 40 inches tall, and is woven from 100% cotton. The world’s largest weaver of woven wall tapestries, Fine Art Tapestries is dedicated to providing unique, finely crafted woven wall decor. Lending every room an acoustic elegance, a modern wall tapestry is the perfect way to endow your home with a touch of timeless elegance and spark conversation among guests. All Fine Art Tapestries pieces are woven in the USA using an advanced jacquard weaving technique, which generates a depth and texture not found in traditional wall art. Our tapestries are woven with a vast variety of different fibers including cotton, wool, silk, boucle, chenille, bamboo and even metal in order to create tapestries that are innovative, unique, and majestic.

  • Woven from 100% cotton ensures vibrant colors. Hand finished for uniqueness.
  • Jacquard woven style lends a dynamic, textured look.
  • Rod pocket on back for easy hanging.
  • Product Dimensions: 53″”W x 40″”H .
  • Woven in the USA.
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